Transformers Episodes and OVA

In this section you will find downloads for rare, hard to find Episodes & Movies from all eras of Transformers that I have managed to collect over the years from both English and Japanese regions.

Series / Mini Series
Transformers Generation 2 Season 2
Transformers Beast Machines S2
Battle for the Spark

Transformers GO!
Transformers 4 Chinese Actors Talent Search
Transformers Universe Webisodes

Kid-Stuff Video
Specials and Movies
Scramble City Toy Version
Clip Shows
Transformers The Ultimate Battle
US Version And UK Version

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  1. good job for your blog ^^, do you have transformers go samurai episode 1 ?

    1. I have it but the version i had on youtube was one i machine translated and since it has proper translations i deleted it. i have been meaning to reupload it as its the only one im missing from the set on youtube.

  2. Is there any chance of you eventually sharing Beast Wars Diorama story form Beast Wars Telemocha DVDs? Or are they not a part of your collection?

  3. Do you have the Super God Masterforce OVA with ENG subtitles?

  4. Do you have the Omni Productions dub versions of Transformers Victory's clip show episodes?

    By that, I mean those that were a part of the main series, which were dubbed, as the ones released exclusively on Japanese home video never got dubbed.

  5. Do you have any of the Transformers laserdisc? I've often been curious how the quality of those episodes would compared to now degrades broadcast masters.

    1. I have only got the Destron set from Japan. Those masters are the Japanese ones that are the same ones used for every release in Japan including the Bluray set and don't look that great. The only LD with English episodes is a five faces of darkness LD from the US which i've not got to compare unfortunately