Beast Wars Toy Concept Designs

Optimus Primal
3 Revisions of the Optimus Primal design with alternate unused head concepts.

The early concept for Megatron would have the T-Rex as armor for a smaller Transformer similar to a G1 pretender. Another concept shows a alternate use for the Dino head with it having a extending gimmick instead of a water squirter.

B'Boom / Apache

Early concepts for potential gimmicks for the then unnamed Baboon Character.

Transmetal Cheetor
Near Final design for Robot, Beast Mode and flight gimmick

 Six alternate concepts for his 3rd "mobility" mode

Optimal Optimus

Close to final concept design featuring a alternate unused flight mode.

Transmetal II Megatron
Very early concept design for the Dragon Megatron which appears to be a modification of his original T-Rex design.

Rampage/Protoform X
Early design which swaps out the Tank mode for a Helicopter mode

Gimmick Concepts
Concept designs for Polar Claws Bat Partner launching, Optimus Primals chest beating gimmick, unused Bat Optimus Primal Wing flap gimmick and a Dino head missile gimmick for Dinobot.

Unused Triple changers
 Dinobot Triple Changer with a 3rd Cobra mode
 Cheetor Triple Changer with a 3rd Shark mode
Optimus Primal Triple Changer with a 3rd Bird mode
The strangest Triple Changer concept belongs to Rattrap who is no longer a Rat but has Crab and  Bull forms instead.

Unused "Lion" Optimus Primal
Unused concept for a Lion version of Optimus Primal which is possibly a early concept for Lio Convoy from Beast Wars II

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