Transformers Press Kits

In this section of the site you will find my collection of Transformers Press Kits that I have collected over the years from several different eras of the franchise. Press kits are only given out to selected members of the press and retailers to advertise a upcoming show or movie and to provide content such as press photos to be used in further marketing.

Transformers The Movie US/Canada Press Kit
US Press Kit photos with the documentation featured
in the Canadian Press kit Provided by @fairplaythings
Transformers The Movie UK Press Kit
UK press kit for the original Transformers The Movie
Transformers G1 Press Fliers
Press Fliers for the series and Movie
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Transformers Sunbow Press Pack
Press Pack advertising the available episodes for the
Transformers series + a bonus Gi Joe pack
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Transformers Beast Wars Press Kit
Early press kit for Transformers Beast Wars
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Transformers Animated Press Kit
Press kit CD contents
Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Press Kit
Press kit for the final part of the Transformers Prime series
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Transformers Rescue Bots Season 3 Press Kit

Press kit for season 3 of Transformers Rescue Bots
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Transformers Dark of the Moon UK Audio Press Kit

Audio press kit for the movie featuring clips from the 
film along with interviews and promos

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