Transformers The Movie UK Press Kit

The UK was quite a large market at the time when Transformers the Movie was released for Hasbro so a lot was prepared for when the film came out to help promote it in the media at the time. Below are all the press materials I have collected for the films UK release including stills from the film and marketing guide.

The Cover is alot cheaper than the US one featuring a red and yellow colour graphic of the UK movie poster artwork on thin gloss paper.

On the left hand side there is a brief breakdown of the whole movie from start to finish. While the right side has a cast and crew list for the movie.

The back cover features notes about the series and details about the production of the movie.

The kits usually contain a couple of stills from the movie in either black and white or full colour. I have managed to get nearly all the photos given out with the sets but I'm always on the look out for more.

Colour Photos

Black and White Photos

Press Book
Included in some kits was this marketing booklet that would provide samples of promotional material shops, newspapers/magazines and cinemas could buy to help promote the film and drive customers to watch it.


Like the main cover it features the UK poster artwork but just in plain black and white this time.

Page 1
The first page of the book features competition options that were featured in several publications at the time with the spot the difference option used prominently as part of a Mirror newspaper Special Odean Cinema screening at the time.

Page 2
The second page gives a brief rundown on what physical items can be ordered like posters and the stills shown above. It also gives the solution to the spot the difference and information about the music in the film and who to contact to get involved in promoting that.

Page 3 
The final page gives all the examples available for the advertising blocks for the film. These images were used in Newspapers primarily as part of cinema listings during release.

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