Transformers CD-Rom/VCD/Audio CD Archive

In this section of the site you will find disk images for several of the promotional and Multimedia CDs released for the Transformers including several of the Japanese bonus disks released with limited editions of the Toys.


Transformers Beast Wars VS-S1
Amazon Showdown Special Version CD-Rom

-Character Bios
-Colouring Program        
-Early Beast Wars Commercial
Disk Image
Transformers Beast Wars Reborn BWR-01 CD-Rom

-Plot Summary
-Character Guide
-Desktop Wallpapers
-Hidden Release Preview (PW: beastwars 10th anniversary)
-Episode Guide
-10th Anniversary Fanart
-Concept Art Gallery
Disk Image
Transformers Universe CD-Rom

-The Energon Within Flash Game
-Historical Data Link Flash Comic
-Cybertron Factory Make your own Transformer
-Transformers Armada 28 "Awakening"
-Weblink to
Disk Image
Transformers Special 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition CD-Rom

-Print outs
-Metrodome Promo Videos
-Character Profiles
Given away Free with copies of Beano Max Magazine
Disk Image
Transformers Creative Studio CD-Rom

Multimedia creation program featuring:
-Greeting Cards
-Party Kits
-Picture Frames
Disk Image

Transformers Paint and Create CD-Rom

Multimedia creation program featuring:
-Greeting Cards
-Party Kits
-Picture Frames
Disk Image

Classic Transformers 25 Digital Comic Books CD-Rom

Features PDF copies of Marvel Transformers issues
1-2, 4-8, 10-21 and 24-29
Issues 3, 9, 22 and 23 not included
Disk Image

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Limited Edition VCD/CD-Rom

 -Film Synopsis
-Trailer (on VCD and CD)
-Superbowl Trailer (on VCD and CD)
-Teaser Trailer (on VCD and CD)
-TV Spot 1
-TV Spot 2
-TV Spot 3
-TV Spot 4
-Building Bumblebee Cannes 2009
-Spot the Difference Mini Game
-Videogame Reveal Trailer
-Videogame Ensemble Trailer
-Videogame Screenshots
-Videogame Wallpapers
-Videogame Concept Art
-Printout Posters/Door Hangers/Colouring pages
Disk Image

Transformers Age of Extinction Star Promo VCD/CD-Rom

-Big Game Spot Trailer
-Film Gallery
-Character Profiles
-Robot Gallery
-Automobile Gallery
-Transformers Prime 27 "Orion Pax Pt1" (on VCD and DVD Rom)
-Transformers Prime Screenshot Gallery
-Rise of the Darkspark Trailer
-Rise of the Darkspark Optimus Vignette
-Rise of the Darkspark Bumblebee Vignette
-Rise of the Darkspark Character Profiles
-Rise of the Darkspark Desktop Wallpapers
-Rise of the Darkspark Screenshots
-Transformers How to Ride Your Dinobot 01
-Transformers How to Ride Your Dinobot 02
-Transformers How to Ride Your Dinobot 03
Disk Image

Audio CD

Transformers Laserdisc Audio CD

Featuring the contents of the 3 Audio CD 
released with Laserdiscs for the original Fight! 
Super Robot Lifeform Transformers and Transformers 2010.
-LD-BOX Premium DISC VSL-1

Pachinko TRANSFORMERS Original Soundtrack Audio CD

1.New Divide - Linkin Park
2.What I've Done - Linkin Park
3.Iridescent - Linkin Park
4.Form - Under Graph
5.Sai - Under Graph
6.Transformer - Joe Rinoie
7.Transformer (Eng) - Joe Rinoie

Transformers Dark of the Moon UK Audio Press Kit

Audio press kit for the movie featuring clips
from the film along with interviews and promos

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