Transformers Laserdisc Audio CD Complete Set

After many months of searching I can now bring you all the complete set of 3 audio CD's that came with the Laserdisc releases of Fight! Super-Robot Lifeform Transformers and Transformers 2010. The First disk titled C-376 contains the Transformers Telephone Audio Adventures for FSRL and Scramble city along with the audio for a Outdoor Live Show. 
For disk 2 titled D-342 the first 12 tracks contain the theme music for FSRL in 3 ways (complete, Tv size and Karaoke) along with 4 US themes for the show and its commercials. The 12th track contains the audio Drama released on Tape and was originally included in the VS-Y Grimlock and Soundwave set released in Japan. The Final 10 tracks contain audio dramas for Diaclone and Microchange. 
The final disk from the 2010 Laserdisc set is titled VSL-1 and contains the theme music to 2010 the same 3 ways as before and filling up the rest of the disk is the Transformers Telephone Adventures for 2010 with the final track being a audio recording of voice samples to be used in the unproduced TalkingFormer toy.

Transformers LD-BOX PREMIUM DISC C-376
 01. Convoy
02. Hound
03. Meister
04. Megatron
05. Soundwave
06. Starscream
07. Megatron & Soundwave & Starscream
08. Convoy & Meister & Wheeljack
09. Dinobots
10. Buildron
11. Laserwave
12. Convoy
13. Megatron
14. Soundwave
15. Metroflex
16. Guardian
17. Bruticus
18. Ultra Magnus
19. Broadcast
20. Superion
21. Menasor
22. Convoy
23. Broadcast
24. Megatron
25. Soundwave
26. Metroflex
27. Ultra Magnus
28. Ultra Magnus & Metroflex
29. Guardian
30. Bruticus
31. Galvatron
32. Outdoor show narration (Convoy)
33. Outdoor show narration (Megaron)
34. Outdoor Show Convoy Game
35. Outdoor Show Megatron VS Convoy

Transformers LD-BOX PREMIUM DISC D-342
 01. Logo Title - Transformers 
02. Japanese version main theme Transformers full size
03. Japanese version ED theme PEACE AGAIN full size
04. Japanese version main theme Transformers full size karaoke
05. Japanese version ED theme PEACE AGAIN full size karaoke
06. Japanese main theme Transformers TV size OP
07. Japanese ED theme PEACE AGAIN TV size ED
08. US version OP theme TV size
09. US theme TV size karaoke
10. US version OP theme for TV
11. US version OP theme for TV (late)
12. VSY cassette drama Grimlock VS SoundWave
13. Walder Corps Counterattack
14. Dinosaur Robo birth
15. Construction vehicle Robo birth
16. Triple Changer Introduction
17. Dinosaur Robo dispatch edition
18. MMC organization
19. Introduction to Micro Change Robot
20. Acroyer Underground Corps Attack
21. Acroyer Weakness Analysis
 22. Acroyer Strikes Back

Transformers LD-BOX Premium DISC VSL-1
01. Full size opening TRANSFORMER 2010
02. Full size ending WHAT'S YOU
03. Full size opening TRANSFORMER 2010 Karaoke
04. Full size ending WHAT'S YOU Karaoke
05. TV size opening TRANSFORMER 2010
06. TV size ending WHAT'S YOU
07. Rodimus Convoy Appears.
08. Triplebots Appear
09. Tripletrons Appear
10. Ultra Magnus Directive
11. Galvatrons Counterattack Declaration
12. Rodimus vs. Galvatron
13. Animatrons Appear
14. Rodimus's Relief
15. Predaking
16. Galvatrons Declares Victory
17. Galvatron & Abominus
18. Menasor & Bruticus
19. Hot Rodimas
20. Superion
21. Rodimas & Computicon
22. Superion & Guardian
23. Voice for TalkingFormer (Product) Rodimas Convoy & Galvatron

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  1. Thank you so much for releasing this, always great to see unearthed audio content!

    I was wondering if there was any chance you could take some photos / scans of the LaserDisc / CD packaging, and/or catalogue them on VGMDB? I'd love to add some official cover art to them on my media player. And VGMDB is a great resource for music and video related to anime, animated series and games, with information on releases from before the 80s up til now.

    In any case, thanks again!

  2. Thank you so much for this! This is awesome! Sadly it doesnt contain the legendary Battlestars' telephone story. Keep up the good work!

    1. I know we are still after the headmasters and above Telephone adventures. Its another one of my personal grails along with the Scramble city Toy version and the Fight super robot life and 2010 clip shows but if i ever find them they will be on the site as quick as i can rip/share them