Transformers Model Sheets

In this section of the site you will find my collection of Transformers Model sheets which include character and prop designs, sets, logos and transformation storyboards from many eras of Transformers

Transformers G1 Model Sheets
Model Sheets from The original Transformers with 
Characters and Transformation sequences.
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View 1986 New Product Line Binder
Transformers The Movie Model Sheets
Model Sheets for the new characters featured in the
Transformers The Movie. Characters featured include
Hot Rod, Ultra Magnus and more.
Transformers Headmasters Model Sheets
Character model set featuring the Headmasters and
Targetmasters along with episode specific character
sheets from early episodes
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Transformers Super-God Masterforce DVD Booklet
A booklet which came with the DVD Release of
the series featuring model sheets of all the characters
featured in the show,
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Transformers Beast Wars Design Sheets
Design sheets for all the main characters from all
3 seasons of Transformers Beast Wars.
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Transformers Beast Wars Neo Model Sheets
Model sheets for Japanese exclusive series
Transformers Beast Wars Neo.Updated 10/21
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Transformers Car Robots Model Sheets
A gallery of 50 model sheets for Transformers
Car Robots (known as Transformers Robots In
Disguise in the west). . 
Transformers Legend of the Microns Model Sheets
A gallery of model sheets for Transformers 
Legend of the Microns (Known as Transformers 
Armada in the west).
Transformers Superlink Model Sheets
Model sheets for Transformers Superlink
(Known as Transformers Energon in the west).
Transformers Galaxy Force Model Sheets
Model sheets for Transformers Galaxy Force
(Known as Transformers Cybertron in the west).
Transformers Animated Model Sheets
Model Sheets from Transformers Animated with 
backgrounds, characters, props and production 
Transformers Robots in Disguise Style Guide
Reference guide provided to creatives making 
media for the series.
Transformers Evergreen Character Toolkit
Character reference guide provided to creatives 
working on the overall Transformers Brand