Beast Wars Character Designs

Design drawings for the Beast Wars characters created using the figures as a base. Originally these images came with the Transformers Beast Wars Reborn BWR-01 CD-Rom which is very rare and impossible to run properly using modern computer operating systems.

Optimus Primal
 Optimus Primal (Bat)
 Tarantulas / Blackarachnia
 Megatron (Alligator)
 Transmetal Optimus Primal
 Transmetal Cheetor
 Transmetal Rattrap
 Transmetal Rhinox
 Transmetal Airazor
 Optimal Optimus
 Transmetal II Blackarachnia
 Transmetal II Cheetor
 Transmetal Megatron
 Transmetal Waspinator
 Transmetal Tarantulas
 Transmetal Scavenger (Inferno)
 Transmetal II Megatron
 Dinobot II

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  1. What?! No model sheets for both the Axalon and the Darksyde?!

  2. I think the production guys got Cheetor's first design mixed up with a panther...or a wolf..or both.

  3. That's cool! Wondering, will disc itself be available for downloading + CD from so-called "Amazon Showdown (multipack) Megatron vs Optimus Primal 2 pack"? (Red Optimus Bat and Purple Megatron)