17 Dec 2019

Transformers Cyberverse JPN Season 2 11-14 and Kids Bon Bon ver

 Finally found time to grab the latest episodes. Up next are episodes 11-14

The Kids BonBon girls are back too showcasing the latest characters and Armour up series.

13 Nov 2019

Transformers Cyberverse JPN Season 2 07-10

Transformers Cyberverse continues in Japan with episodes 7 to 10 available for download below.

15 Oct 2019

Beast Wars Character Design Model Sheets

While going through the contents of the Beast Wars Reborn promo disk recently I found a bunch of design drawings for all the characters featured on the show. As the vast majority of fans can't get access to this disk I have created a gallery of all the drawings for you all to see. You can view the full gallery below