Lost Episodes

The episodes listed below are not available in any form currently online and may be lost forever. All the missing episodes are clip shows from the Japanese G1 Era which may have been released VHS in Japan if you find any of these episodes or images of the VHS Box art please leave a comment below.

Fight Super Robot Life
14 "Birth of the Transformers!"(トランスフォーマー誕生!)
55 "War Without End"(果てしなき戦い)
56 "Desperate Battle on Dinobot Island"(ダイノボット島の死闘)
57 "Devastator, the Giant Warrior"(巨人兵デバスター)
58 "Neverending Struggle"(おわりなき死闘)
69 "Earth's Greatest Crisis"(地球最大の危機)
70 "Seek the Cybertonium"(セイバートニウムを求めて)
71 "Stunticons vs Aerialbots"(スタントロンvsエアーボット) 
72 "Mutiny of the Combaticons"(コンバットロンの反逆)

29 "Daniel's Adventure"(ダニエルの冒険)
30 "The Desperate Struggle of Justice"(正義の死闘)

Supergod Masterforce
46 "Great Turn-Around! Autobot Warriors!"(大逆転! サイバトロン戦士!)

39 "Radiant! Victorious Planet"(輝け! 勝利の星)

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  1. I have the lost Energon episode with Scorponok, in the original japaneze dub, if you're interested. My email is markdavidjohnson1@gmail.com if you want it

    1. Thanks for the offer but i already have it on the superlink DVD set and a download of it english translated. I'd love to see if they ever did a English dub but so far nothing has shown up online.