Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Press Kit

Transformers Prime "Beast Hunters" Press Kit. The Press Kit comes in a large stone effect envelope 
 with a small blurb on the front and a orange Predacon logo on the back. 
Lifting the predacon logo opens the envelope.
 Opening the envelope releases the Press kit itself which comes in a carboard sleve with Episode Screener and Predacon logo on one side and contact info and Autobot logo other.
Opening the flap at the top reveals the contents of this kit.
The kit comes with a Episode Screener DVD-R with the episodes
303 "Prey"
304 "Rebellion"
Bonus Features
Transformers Prime S1 & 2 catchup
The episodes have a copywrite label embeded in the video to prevent unauthorised release.
The second disk is surrounded by a cool shot of the cast is a Media information CD-R containing:
8 Publicity photos for the upcoming season
3-page Announcement Document
one sheet for Transformers Prime "Beast Hunters" Document
New Bumblebee Commecial mp4
Transformers Prime S1 & 2 catchup mp4
90 second Season Trailer mp4

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