Transformers Victory Omni Productions clip shows

Most of the older generation of fans are aware of the existence of the omni or starTV English dubs of  the 3 Japanese exclusive series (Headmasters, Masterforce and Victory) but may not be aware due to most DVD sets excluding them that several of Victory's clip shows had been dubbed. I have been able to find copies of these episodes which you can download below just be aware that these have burned in Chinese subs and the default audio is Chinese and will need to be changed to English in the audio settings.

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  1. i just ordered the chinese dvd sets, no hard coded subs,tho i could only get HM and MF

    1. just a heads up to save space on the disks it looks like they bootleggers like to skip the clip shows so double check the episode count. These are from a really old vcd set.

    2. well this release is an official one, but yeah same masters as the VCD's sadly openings and endings are only once per disc, and it turns out all the previews where cut, im trying to find the most "uncut" release, witchi belive are the HK bootlegs, as thoes are off air recordings

  2. Transformers Headmasters - Victory (Omni dubs) For NETFLIX!

    Then again,having these animes on Netflix is a pipedream.