Transformers G1 Season 5

Season 5 of G1 Transformers was a "best of" series featuring the main multi part episodes of seasons 1-4 and the movie in 5 parts. The episodes where bookended by scenes of Powermaster Optimus Prime and a kid called Tommy  in live action with  a stopmotion prime telling the episodes story.

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  1. The only time PowerMaster Optimus Prime is canon. Part of me thinks if they ever wanted to do a crossover with the Power Rangers,this Prime should be on the lines which would be cool to see in the future.

    Yeah,I'm a toku fan myself so this should be interesting.

  2. Can anyone date when this aired?

    I remember vividly watching Transformers with a weird intro stuff. But in 1993, I was 9 and I know I first watched it around the time the berlin wall came down. Was this on then? I would have been 5. I don't know how I remember that far back. I think it's just from remembering and remembering Remembering. But, The episode list: are the episodes that I know I've seen. And I know nothing about Carly or His dad. The first time I saw the movie as the movie. I remember I was disappointed, because I had already seen it on TV. Presented in parts like this. And I was like oh this isn't a real movie, this is just some episodes edited together. But Maybe they aired this a few times before G2?

    I don't know, it's so weird. I just watched the movie in 4K. And started watching season 3 on youtube. And I was immediately oh I've seen this. I remembered, because the scale of Unicorn's head seemed wrong. and I remembered remembering that. lol remember remember the 5th of september.

    1. These season 5 episodes were aired 1988-1989, before G2.