1999 Summer Toei Anime Fair

The 1999 Summer Toei Anime Fair was a Movie anthology released in Japan. The Anthology consisted of 3 short films (30 mins each) of different toy franchises which Toei was either part of the production or in Beast Wars Metals case the distributor. The Anthology featured films for Super Doll Licca-Chan, Tiny Giant Microman and Transformers Beast Wars Metals. The Transformers Beast Wars Metals Film 'Convoy's Great Transformation' is the Japanese version of the US Episode 'Cutting Edge' with a short introduction to the Beast Wars Metals Characters and the introduction of Optimal Optimus from the episode 'Optimal Situation'. As this episode was released in cinemas it was not included in the Beast Wars Metals box set with its place taken by the clip show 'Remix: I Lost the Banana!'. Below you will find a new capture of the Transformers Beast Wars Metals part of the anthology along with the 2 other Short Films 'Licca-Chan' subtitiled and 'Microman' Raw Japanese.

My thanks to Micro-RAWs for Microman and Licca blog for Super Doll Licca-Chan.

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