G1 Movie Storyboard Archive

 As no complete copy of the storyboard for the 1986 Transformers movie is available online I decided to upload the images I have been able to find. The images have been collected over a number of years from many different souces the main ones being the spacebridge, iacon-one and wombatking with a few oming from dvds and auctions. I have taken all the files and organised them into the correct movie order below:

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  1. Hey, a friend emailed me a zip of the photocopies that were made from the original, it's saved on my desktop and 800 pages or so. Easiest to upload/transfer as a zip file, let me know if you want it

    1. Wow really id love to see the full version. I dont have any social media so emails the best way to get me is my email akira_god2001@hotmail.com

  2. Just checked in, I'll email you this week.
    I'm a wordpress user so had to use my old blogger for this comment.
    The source is the same, photocopies of the original, but with no watermarks.

  3. No worries thanks for getting back to me. Looking forward to seeing the full set.