Car Robots Stock Footage Bank

 Like most anime Transformers Car Robots made generous use of stock footage for special attacks and features of the characters. To make it easier for animators a bank of  images from the episodes storyboards were provided to the animators which could be used to maintain a constant look and feel for how these actions should be performed in the show. Below you will find a example of the document used during the creation of the show for most of the characters featured in the show.

Cybertron/Autobot Headquarters & T-Ai

Fire Convoy / Optimus Prime

God Magnus / Ultra Magnus

God Fire Convoy / Omega Prime

Wildrider / X-Brawn

Mach Alert / Prowl

Speedbreaker / Sideburn

Car Brothers Together

JRX / Team Bullet Train

Spy Changers

Build Master / Build Team

Wrecker Hook / Tow-Line

Indy Heat / Skid-Z
Destronger / Decepticon Headquarters

Gigatron / Megatron

Destrongers / Predacons

Gel Shark / Sky Bite

Black Convoy / Scourge

Combatrons / Commandos

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