Transformers Animated scripts from Keyan Carlile + Site update

Thanks to a kind donation from YouTuber and Transformers Animated Super Fan Keyan Carlile the sites script archive now has 3 Transformers Animated scripts from the season 1 episodes "Nanosec" and "Along Came A Spider" and the season 2 episode "Garbage In, Garbage Out". They were won in a auction at TFCon LA 2024 in aid of Transformers Ark author Bill Forster to help with his continuing medical bills. You can check out the new additions in the script section or directly below:

Transformers Animated Scripts

Along with the new scripts the site has also been updated with a new section featuring my collection of Japanese promotional fliers for all 7 Transformers live action films. You can check out the new gallery using the link below

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