Robot Masters Serial Final issues, Portal Translation and GO!GO! EP 20

Been a busy month for the archive with a few big updates to the site along with something special coming soon. First up is the final 3 parts of the Transformers Robot Masters Diorama Serial which till recently was completely undocumented. You can find all 12 panels in the Manga/Comic section or directly using the link below:

Next up is the latest issue of the Transformers GO! GO! manga. Episode 20 showcases Mirage in a adventure showing off his ninja skills. Check it out also in the Manga/Comic section or directly below:

The last big thing added to the site this month was a unexpected fan translation of the Russian Web Series Transformers Portal. We have this thanks to the efforts of  translator Windii who provided the translated script to TFWiki admin Cyberlink420. With permission I have added the series to the archive for all to enjoy. You can find the series in the Episodes/OVA section or directly using the link below:
Finally something amazing has arrived that will soon be added to the archive thanks to the kind generosity of members of the TFWiki Discord and the sites Patrons. In the archives possession is a 16mm print of what looks like the first episode of Transformers Super God Masterforce. Being on film there is a good possibility that a full High Definition transfer can be made and efforts are currently in progress to see what would be needed to make this happen so stay tuned for more updates in the coming months.

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