Q-Transformers Series 1-3 Download

Q-Transformers was a short parody series released in conjunction with the ios and Android phone game Q-Transformers: Mystery of Convoy Returns in Japan. The first 2 series feature Optimus Prime, Lockdown and Bumblebee discussing the game and the overall Transformers brand. With the 3rd series Arcee takes over to discuss the 20th anniversary releases and events for Transformers Beast Wars.
This highly requested show is now available to download in the Episodes/OVA section and features all 39 episodes along with the ad-libbed content provided on the DLE youtube channel and the extended ad-libbed content provided on the Blu Ray release.
The 3 series Mystery of Convoy Returns, The Road to Additional Popularity and
03 20th Anniversary Beast Wars Road to Easter Festival can be found using the link below:

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