Robot Masters Serial #3-6 and New page

Finally got more issues of Dengeki Hobby that feature the Transformers Robot Masters Serial to add to the site. Had to wait a bit before uploading as they moved the 4th panel to a separated offshoot magazine that took a bit to track down. I'm still working on getting the final issues I'm missing to complete the set but I have enough to start uploading. Now available in the manga section are the pages of Dengeki Hobby with panels 3-6 of the serial along with the toy and merchandise promos. You can check them all out along with the first 2 issues using the link below.

Another addition to the site this month is a page in the Media section for all the non-Transformers rare media I have uploaded in the past including a bunch of good quality toy commercials i found during my lockdown commercial hunt in 2021 and the once lost Resident Evil 1 and 2 webcomics from Wildstorm that i downloaded back when it was released to floppy disk and didn't realize till a few years ago was lost. Check out these along with more using the link below.

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