G1 1986 New Product Line Binder from cerealgeekTV

I received an awesome donation today of the G1 1986 New Product Line Binder featuring the introduction of the combiner teams and Ultra Magnus. The binder includes descriptions of the new characters along with some early models and were models weren't ready toy prototypes in their place. You can find the complete binder in the model sheet section or by using the link below.

G1 1986 New Product Line Binder

The binder was kindly provided to the site by the awesome James Eatock of the cerealgeekTV YouTube channel. If you are into animation at all check out his playlist below, I'm sure you will find something to enjoy on the cerealgeekTV channel. Thanks also goes to my friend DM the creator of the most accurate coloured G1 model sheets online for helping to get them to me. If you haven't checked out their work before you are missing out.

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