Town Commander Collection Book and new translation


During the airing of Transformers Prime in Japan a promotion was held country wide called the "Cybertron Satellite" which was a Matrix shaped TV stand that would show promotional videos for the current show along with historical content about the brand itself. To encourage fans to visit all the different satellites each town that included one had its own "Town Commander". When you visited each town you would be able to pick up a sticker for that "Town Commander" which could then be collected in a free booklet provided titled "The Toy Commander Collection Book". Recently I was able to pick up one of these booklets and a couple of the stickers for the collection. The booklet features the bio and techspecs for the first selection of commanders along with a preview of a hidden commander coming soon. The booklet is now available to download in the book/booklet section or by using the link below:

The Toy Commander Collection Book

I have also added a short magazine article to the translation section of the site which gives a breakdown of the events that occurred during the 1989 Unicef Charity screening of Transformers The Movie in Japan. You can check out the article along with several others in the Translation Section

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