Robot Masters Serial 1+2 and All about Transformers Article

Hey all been a while since the last site update but in that time I have managed to pick up a few new items for the site. The first of these new items comes from Dengeki Hobby magazine from Japan. Starting in the year 2004 the magazine featured a Transformers Robot Masters 1 panel Serial. So far I have picked up 2 of the magazines for the serial and added scans to the Manga/Comic section. As I was unsure of the stating issue for this I accidentally picked up the issue before the serial started but it wasn't a waste as it included a long article for the 20th Anniversary titled All About Transformers which I have also added to the site in the Magazine section.

Transformers Robot Masters Serial

All About Transformers Article

In my time away I have also been working on adding subtitles to the 2 Transformers Robot Masters episodes using the TV Nihon subs as a base and now both are available for viewing on the YouTube channel or in the Episodes section of the site.   

Transformers Robot Masters Episode 1
Transformers Robot Masters Episode 2

Finally I'm sorting the scans for the next 2 issues of Transformers GO! GO! for Patreon this week for a public release later in May.

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