Transformers Car Robots Charater Models and Latest GO!GO! Manga

After a bit of a break I have come back with some more model sheets for the archive along with the latest issue of the Transformers GO!GO! manga.
First up is a update to the G1 Webworld storyboard that now includes the complete 3rd act in much higher quality thanks to a kind donation to the site. I have also finished scanning in the last of the Car Robots/RID models. This final set features the human character models for the early episodes of the show along with a selection of prop items used. Finally the Christmas Episode of Transformers GO!GO! "Santa-san's Great Help Operation!" is now available in the manga section.
You can find the new galleries in the Storyboard, Model Sheet and Manga sections or by using the links below:

In addition to the new galleries I have been creating playlists of the content on the YouTube channel to make it all easier to find. Currently all the main eras have playlists in the "Commercials/Promo" drop-down menu above. Each page features a YouTube playlist containing all the YouTube videos on the channel for that line including both the English and Japanese content were necessary. I'm hoping to add more for the sub lines I have videos for but till then you will have plenty to check out.

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