Transformers GO! GO! Episode 13 and new translation

The latest issue of TV Magazine has finally arrived and with it the latest episode of the Transformers GO! GO! manga. This time we find Bumblebee feeling down after being defeated by Starscream so with the help of Elita-1 he and Optimus Prime workout to get buff before taking on the evil Decepticon again. The latest issue can be found in the manga section or by using the link below:

Episode 13 Muscle Revolution! Ya!

 I have also added a new translated document to the translation section of the site. This new document was part of a 1985 trade show booklet from Hasbro that was shown to Takara to sell them on this new show concept "Henshin Gattai Transformers" which Takara would eventually release to the Japanese market as "Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers". The pages feature several differences from the final figures released and the factions they belong to including Decepticon/Destron Mini Bots and a Autobot/Cybertron Astrotrain. This document along with other translated content can be found in the translation section of the site or by using the link below:

Translation Section

In the coming weeks I hope to have some more Car robots content added to the site with 3 new galleries in the works including a concept art gallery for the new toys designed for the then new show. So check back soon for more Transformers content.

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