Next step for the website

A big update to the Car Robots / Robots in Disguise model sheets will be coming soon but today I would like to announce that the site now has a Patreon to help pay for the running costs and to hopefully help with the costs of acquiring more content to add to the growing archive. Till now the site has been fully funded by myself with the ads proving to be of little help when it comes to costs.

I do not take this step lightly as I know it may lead to more scrutiny and consternation from the fandom but after a decade providing content to the community on my own I feel i have generated enough good faith that asking for a little help will only be a good thing.

While there is no obligation to contribute I hope you consider pledging to make sure future fans can experience the the history of the franchise and maybe learn something new along the way. 

While new items added to the archive will be announced first to backers no content will ever be behind a paywall for long as everyone should be able to view this content rather that being hidden away never to be seen again.

If you would like to contribute please visit the link below and sign up:

Thank you, Andy(walruslaw)

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