Transformers GO Diorama Story and Transformers GO! GO! Episode 11-12

Nearly missed out on the latest issue of TV magazine last month but I luckily found a copy on yahoo auctions so now I can bring the latest 2 episodes of Transformers GO! GO! You can find episodes 11 and 12 in the manga section of the site or by using the links below.

Episode 11 Unpredictable

Episode 12 I want to protect this place

I also recently added another set of diorama stories to the YouTube channel. this time we have the complete set of 10 Transformers GO! Diorama Stories featured across TV Magazine and Televi-kun magazine appendix DVDs. You can find them in the Episodes/OVA section or using the link to the playlist below.

Transformers GO! Diorama Story

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