New Transformers storyboards added


Finally found some time to get the last of the storyboards I picked up a while ago added to the site. In the storyboard section you can now find the complete storyboards for Transformers Car Robots episodes "04 Ninja Robo! Enter the Spychangers", "17 Aiming from Space! Shuttler!!" and "30 Lost Cybertron City!!"  plus Transformers Galaxy Force Episodes "16 Wild Beast Reincarnation! Ligerjack", "31 High Speed Fusion - Sonic Convoy" and "39 Breaking Through The Super Space-Time Tunnel".
 One interesting thing I found while checking the titles of the episodes is that episode 30 had a alternate placeholder name which was eventually replaced by "JRX versus Baldigus" for some reason?

You can check out these new Storyboards and more in the Storyboard Section of the site

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