Transformers The Movie Japanese with English Sub Test Encode #1


After many years of on/off working on it I now have gone as far as I can with the translation and need more help to make it more accurate. Below you will find a link to Transformers The Movie in Japanese with English subtitles created using a Chinese translation of the dialogue that was machine translated to English. I cleaned up the dialogue as much as i could with my basic Japanese knowledge but it will be a bit rough.

While it's not perfect I hope you enjoy the first test and if you can provide feedback on the translation let me know so i can correct it for the final release.

Transformers The Movie (Eng Sub) Test

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  1. Honestly i've been waiting for this, your original attempt got me pretty excited for how different the film is dialogue wise, Especially what imo is a better exchange between the wounded megatron & starscream "Wait, i still function!, Then Function!" Works way better imo than the original line in english. it's also great to hear more voice work from the cast, even if it's a lot of shouting and yelling, the original has a very sparse use of it's cast.

    1. It's not perfect but I wanted to get it done since i've had the files to do it for years. I'm hoping to get a mkv of the translation up once its finallised so fans in other countries can make their own sub but i want to make it as accurate as possible before then so i released this version to get some feedback.