1987 Transformers Commercials From 3DJoes.com

Just like the 1988 VHS commercial tape I picked up recently the 1987 Version of the Hasbro Boys Toys Commercials showed up on ebay from the same seller. Sadly I was unable to make a bid myself but I was able to make a trade with its new owner to bring the Transformers content to you.
The tape was picked up by the owner of 3DJoes.com who has been on a roll recently with the amount of high quality GiJoe commercials and promos from the 80's he has been sharing. Check out his site and YouTube channel if you want to see some of the best GiJoe coverage online.
Thanks to him  I can bring you high quality copies of most of the 1987 commercials including the best copy of the Transformers Headmasters Comic commercial. The tape only lists 12 commercials but while editing a extra commercial was discovered bringing the total up to 13.

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  1. Where these commercials upscaled?

  2. No, the reason the videos are 1080p is that youtube hates standard def video. Even if the SD video is perfect youtube adds compression that makes the video look like crap. To maintain quality videos are encoded to 1080 to make sure they look correct when viewed online.

  3. Wow, you have an amazing site! The amount of information and content is truly amazing! Thank you so much for putting all of this together. I just subscribed to your youtube.com channel too! The video quality is really amazing too!

    1. Glad to hear you like the site and have subscribed to the channel. Comments like yours give me more incentive to keep the hunt going.