Hasbro 3rd and 4th Quarter 1988 Boys Commercials VHS Master


 On one of my hunts through eBay recently I came across a strangely pricey tape labeled as blank but mentioned in the title it had Transformers commercials so I gave it a look and found it was some sort of master tape of boys toys commercials for Hasbro brands in 1988. The tape contained 23 commercials for C.O.P.S, Gi Joe, Body Rap and what mostly interested me Transformers. The person selling it had sold and was selling several other tapes from the Griffin Bacal Advertising agency who where involved with Hasbro at the time so believing the tape was legit I waited to see if anyone else was gonna bid. No one seemed interested and i was the only watcher so to try and save some cash as the shipping overseas over ebay global shipping is a joke i gave a fair offer considering what it is and he agreed.

Finally it arrived and was exactly as advertised with prob the best quality copies of all the commercials featured in existence. As this is the case I have captured copy and added it to the YouTube channel so all can enjoy seeing this piece of 80s history in the best quality possible.

Contents List:

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  1. it would be great if you could upload an avi rip to myspleen

  2. The animated sequences were done by Sunbow with the COPS adverts I wonder if Sunbow were planning to do the COPS cartoon