Transformers You Tube Commercial Hunt Current Findings

Just before the end of 2020 I decided in my spare time to go through as many commercial breaks on You Tube that I could find and see if better quality versions of the Transformers Toy and TV promo commercials. So far I have managed to find several new copies of commercials we knew about along with several new commercials for the series that had never been documented.

So far the hunt has produced 201 Toy Commercials and 35 TV promo videos from both the UK and the US. Also as part of the hunt I added rips of the commercials featured on the VHS media in my collection adding to the total. In the near future I'm planning on adding a proper section of the site for the findings but till then you can view the YouTube playlists for up to date findings.

The hunt is not over as I'm still finding more every time I look so check back frequently to see all the latest findings.

If you want to see where I found a lot of these you can check the adbreak backup folder that contains all the adbreaks that contained Transformers commercials of good enough quality to save.

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