Clean Japanese G1 Openings and Endings

My friend Kary asked me recently to see if I had any clean (without credits) versions of the openings/endings for any of the Japanese G1 series. So, I had a look through the collection and I was able to find clean versions of the openings and ending to Masterforce and the opening for Victory. Instead of just passing on the footage i've uploaded them to the youtube channel. Check them all out below. 

Transformers Victory Clean Opening

Transformers Super-God Masterforce Clean Opening 1

Transformers Super-God Masterforce Clean Opening 2

Transformers Super-God Masterforce Clean Ending

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  1. sad we only have a partially creditless op for HM, a creditless op did exist at some point as they are used on the clipshows, but toei seemingly no longer has them, for forgot to include them.

  2. the quality of the clean openings are much better compared to the rips found around the internet
    I must ask, does the DVD's have the same quality or are they not preserved well compared to other 90's anime re-released on DVD? ( as Sakura Wars got an even better quality on the SD BD Sets )

    1. Its kinda a combination of things really. The rips i made are from the Japanese DVD sets which generally get higher quality masters than what are given to western markets by Toei also as youtube is doing the hosting I don't compress the footage before upload. Takes a bit longer to upload but you end up with a much better end result.