Transformers Cyberverse JPN 11/12 & Kids Bon Bon Version

Fresh from Japan comes episodes 11 and 12 plus something else I found while looking for this weeks episodes:
 While searching this week for the new episodes I found out that the episodes are being shown on 2 other yotube channels in Japan along with Takara/Tomys channel. The 2 channels are called Kids Bon Bon and Bon Bon TV which are most likely related. While the Bon Bon TV channel is just hosting the episodes the Kids Bon Bon has a Toy introductory segment in the middle of the 2 episodes.

These Toy segments are presented by Naru(なる) {Kinjo Narumi} and Icchy(いっちー) {Kato Ichika} who are 2 of the main stars of the channels content. Below are links to all the currently available episodes featuring the girls showing off one of the new toys for the show:

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