Site Update (new sections)

Had the time recently to add some new content to the site along with adding 2 new sections for some older content. The first thing that has been fixed is Transformers Season 5 which unfortunately had its links copywrite claimed so now the links are being hosted on mega for the moment. I have also updated the episode and promo sections with all the new videos i have added to youtube in the last few months including new copies of the robotmasters episodes and new captures of 2 beast machines toy ads. Finally 2 new sections of the site have been added, the script section contains scans of the scripts i have collected over the years including a scan for the first episode of the original RID which i dont believe i have shared on the site before and the final new section which contains pictures and descriptions of the Transformers Press Kits and fliers i curently have from the original 86 movie to more recent stuff like rescue bots.

In the coming months im hoping to have the movie storyboard scans completed along with another selection of tv magazine scans done in preperation for the subtitled release of Transformers Beast Wars Neo later in the year.

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