Transformers The Movie Storyboard Part 1

Thanks to the Austrialian Ninja I have an "almost" complete set of Transformers The Movie Storyboards which I am currently editing into its different sequences. So far I have uploaded the first 10 sequences from the film which can now be viewed in the storyboard section of the site or the link below. 
So what do mean by an almost complete set? The original scan was not done carefully and has parts of the image out of frame, I have also found a few missing pages during the editing and since number of images matches the file names I don't think they where scanned at all. Considering how many images are in the set in total however I think this was a pain to even scan in the first place. The second part of the set should be coming as soon as I have some spare time.

Transformers The Movie Storyboard Set

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  1. Hope that spare time comes soon. Been waiting years for this, since deleted storyboards first started turning up, but few have ever gone past sequence 11.