Photobucket issues and site update

Hey everyone unfortunately photobucket have all of a sudden decided that i can no longer use their site for hosting pictures without paying for it so i am in the process of moving files onto another server. I was in the process of moving to a different host anyway but this has just sped up the process and given me some motivation to tidy up the links a bit and add the stuff from youtube i missed.

At the moment all the collection pictures are offline and alot of the production material images but i have managed to restore the model sheet and storyboard scans. I also added 2 new sections to the site an Episodes and Ova section which has listings of the rare seasons and episodes i have uploaded in the past, and a Promos and specials section that has listings for all the promos, adverts and music videos i have collected over the years. Hopefully i should have the rest of the collection pictures back online soon along with some more Transformers Content.

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