Transformers Jaws of Terror / Slave of the Insecticons

I have been after this video for a long time and i was recently able to get a copy in a lot on ebay. This video is the second of the kid stuff Transformers Storybook videotapes. This video features the stories Jaws of Terror and the Slaves of the Insecticons along with a quiz about the stories and dictionary definitions of difficult(for a child) words used in the story. So if you are ready for flying dinosaurs, dinobot cocoons and Bumblebee cosplaying as Hubcap give it a watch.

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  1. finaly they gave soundwave a proper vocoder/ no vaying pitch tho

    1. yea i'm glad the subtitles are on screen for him, i can barely make out what he is saying half the time. I was a bit disappointed that mummra isn't voicing Megatron anymore tho but the new voice is alot closer to Frank Welkers.