Abandoned Project TFTMJP

Abandoned TFRaw Project
(Very Early draft English sub of the first 20 mins of the Japnese Dub of Transformers The Movie)

A long time ago i came across a multi language chinese copy of Transformers the movie online. Included in the video was a chinese sub track for the Japanese dub of the movie. Using online translation tools and my basic knowledge of Japanese i have tried translating this track but i cant find time to finish it. This is as far as i got with the translation before i gave up. As this is machine translated from Chinese the translation is very rough but you get the gist of whats going on. If i had completed the sub it would of been QC'd and translation checked but this is as far as i got.

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  1. Hello, can you bring me the DVD Cookies SCANS of your Jap DVD transformers Collection?