Transformers The Movie US Press Kit

Over the last year i have been lucky enough to find several auctions for Press kits for the Transformers Movie and SunbowUK which i have finally taken pictures of to show you all.

First up is the US Press Kit for Transformers the Movie. This is one of several different kits each of which have different contents:


The cover of the kit features the standard US movie poster artwork. Most of the US Press kits came in similar folders with the same art.


The folder splits and has two areas on either side to store its contents. On the bottom left is a unique piece of art showing Ultra Magnus and Cyclonus.


The back of the folder has the logo and the credits list from the poster artwork.


B&W Photo 1

Black and white gloss photo of the G1 Promotional poster.

B&W Photo 2
Black and white Gloss movie poster artwork. The unique part of this photo is that there is more artwork visible than on the standard movie poster.

Colour Photo 1

Colour satin print of the full clean movie artwork without the logo. Like the B&W photo it also shows more than the movie poster did.

Colour Photo 2

Colour satin print of the1984 G1 box art battle.

Colour Photo 3

Colour satin print of the 1985 G1 box art battle.

Colour Photo 4

Colour satin print of Universal Studios Thundercracker costume and stand.

Colour Photo 5

Colour satin print of Universal Studios Jazz costume.

The contents of the US movie press kits vary from just photos like mine to having items like film trailer reels, stickers and several other promo items which i have only seen in pictures.

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  1. I don't want to be any trouble, but if you could do a super high-res scan of the 1985 box art I think it would be wonderful for the whole fandom.

    The highest res pic of it currently in circulation has some serious Moire pattern issues.

    I'd like to stick it on my wall :)