Collection Update #10

It hasn't been long since the last collection update but i had forgotten to include the paper based media i had collected in the past few months plus i got a few more DVD/BD that just arrived this week.

First up this time is another set i never thought i would be able to afford

Transformers Prime Japan Vol 1-26 DVD
All 26 volumes of the Japanese Version of Transformers Prime. Each DVD contains only 2 episodes and some Toy ads. Originally each DVD cost around £30 but i was able to get the whole set for £40 due to it being the rental copy. As far as i can tell the only difference with the retail and rental is a small sticker on the back that says rental on it.

Next up is the newest addition which just arrived today

Q Transformers Season 2 Limited Edition Blu-Ray

I just got this today in the mail Q Transformers Season 2. I preordered this and as a bonus you get a extra Music CD of the BGM of the series and the 4 outro themes. Also part of the limited edition is 3 papercraft models of prime, bee and lockdown.
Next we go back to the early 2000's
Transformers Galaxy Force Special Secret DVD  

 I  was missing this from the collection the promo DVD for Galaxy Force. This disk features a Promo for the Galaxy force series along with the first episode of Robot Masters.

Lastly in the video based media is more prime love

Transformers Prime TV kun special DVD 2012 & 2013
Up next is the Paper based media i have collected this year
 Transformers Beast Wars Neo Ep22 script
 Script book for the Transformers Beast Wars Neo Episode 22 The Stolen Gung-Ho.

The next item i have today is possibly the strangest TF item i own
Transformers Kiss Players 15 go,go collection 

The complete Manga collection for the Japan only Kiss Players series which is infamous in the fanbase for its sexually suggestive content with young girls.

The next items i have today are from the latter years of G1

Transformers Press Fliers
These 2 press fliers are from early 1990 and feature the original promo image for the G1 show and the US movie poster. 

 The G1 press flier goes over the basic story of the show along with a list of the languages the show i available in and the press contact details.

The G1 movie flier gives a synopsis of the movie along with the cast and crew list from the theatrical poster.
Last up today is a hard to find book from the G1 movie
Transformers The Movie Special Data Book
This book originally came with the Matrix Forever VHS tape and features details on all the new characters along with interviews with Japanese Transformers Staff and a special look at the un-produced Unicron Toy from 1986.
That's all i have for this year hopefully next year will be just as good as this year has been.

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  1. hey, would it be ok for you to scan the US 90's press kit? because i wana replicate the logo's gradiant. allso do you happen to have the promotional trailer for TFTM on any releases? i mean in a good qaulity, uc i wana mix it into the pioneer tftm version because of the orignal collours of the film

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