Collection Update #9

It's been a while so i think its time for a collection update. This time i have items from G1 all the way to Adventure to show on vhs, dvd and Laserdisc.

First up this time is another VHS from the Takara Video Collection

Takara Video Collection V-15 Transformers Victory
 30 minute Promo for Transformers Victory titled "Fight! Star Saber!". The promo acts as a encyclopedia of sorts giving a rundown of the characters featured in the show.
View Promo

Up next is slightly newer VHS tape for Beast Wars

Transformers Beast Wars Destron Corps Encyclopedia
I previously uploaded a video to youtube a long time ago which was the Cybertron equivalent to this tape. The Destron version contains a similar rundown of the characters and their special attacks that the cybertron one had.
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Next we have the first promo for Beast Wars Metals

Transformers Beast Wars Metals Promo
 This promo for Transformers Beast Wars Metals was given away for free with Limited Editions of the C-40 Metals Convoy figure. The promo titled "The mystery of Metals Birth Revealed!!" was originally shown on TV before the series began to get viewers caught up with the story from the previous series.
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We now move on to DVDs starting with more G2

Transformers Mega DVD
 Another Transformers DVD from the same people that released the Generation 2 DVDs with Armada Covers?? This time they have released a collection of 8 Episodes from Generation 2 featuring the final episode of Season 1 "Prime Target" which completes my G2 season 1 on DVD. The other 7 episodes are the first 7 from season 2:
"War of the Dinobots"
"Atlantis, Arise!"
"Auto Berserk"
"Triple Takeover"
"Starscream's Brigade"
"The Revenge of Bruticus"
The next addition to the collection is an upgrade 
Transformers Victory Box 1 and 2
 An upgrade for a Bootleg i downloaded a long time ago. The dvds are almost identical to the previous release years ago but while looking through the special features i did notice the Big Book of masterforce promo that is included in this set is missing the shuta and grand secrets segment for some reason??
Now we replace one bootleg for another

Transformers Micron Legend
Thanks to a user on ADC i was able to get the DVDs for Transformers Micron Legend and the DVD covers to make them look right on the shelf. If the dvds where more affordable (on average they are costing £40 each due to the minicon inside) I'd get them but till then ill be happy with these.

Moving from one bootleg to another

Transformers Superlink parts 3 and 4
These 2 DVD sets complete another series in my collection. These bootlegs contain the final half of the season on 2 DVDs per set. Picture and sound wise the episodes are ok but the video suffers a bit of compression. The set contains English subtitles but the translation is close but the character names are correct at best and completely WTF at worst. Like micron legend the official DVDs are rare and very expensive so im glad to have an alternative.
Moving on to more recent media
Transformers Adventure Promos
These 2 promo DVD where given away separately at stores and at toy shows in Japan. The DVDs contain a episode from the show and some of the commercials and promos from the takara youtube channel. Both disks have similar content but are both different in what they contain.

The final DVD this time is a movie game promo

Pachinko Transformers P-Vision Promo
 Very short 10 minute promo video for the new Pachinko machine in japan showcasing the features of the machine like special bonuses and timed events.

Next up is my latest HD media

Q-Transformers Season 1 Bluray Special Edition
The first season of the Q-Transformers on Bluray featuring all 13 episodes plus several extended clips, promos and trailers. With the special edition you get unpainted models of Prime, Bumblebee and Lockdown which are quite good but would look better with paint.
Next we have a HD video i cant even play

Transformers LAM HD-DVD
 I had no real interest in getting this version of the live action movie but when it only costs 50p you cant really complain.

The last few items are in a format i thought id never get

Transformers Destron Laserdisc Set
 I was able to get a very good deal on this set which is a bit worn on the outside but the contents are fine. The set fetures the toy mural on the cover along with a design similar to the toy packages of the time.

The box contains 5 fold open disk sleeves each featuing the G1 boxart for the Destron characters featured in the show plus a couple of extra megatron designs.

The set contains 2 extra bonuses a booklet which you can read at rockmans website
and a CD. 
The CD contains the intro and outro music in many different forms, diaclone/microman audio dramas and US intro/commercial music. The only track of note that hasnt been released on other media is a copy of the Soundwave vs Grimlock Audio Tape released as part of the VS series of toys relesed in Japan.

The Last item today is another holy grail for me
Transformers The Movie Hillcrane Laserdisc
This is the rarer of the 2 releases of Transformers the movie on Laserdisc. This is the first edition of the movie relesed on the laserdisc format and features both Japanese and English audio. Unlike the later release this disk uses the higher quality Digital audio track for the English audio which unlike later releases has not been added to or modified giving a better audio experience.
Removing the OBI strip gives us a better look at the cover. The cover does not fold open like the destron sets do but rather acts as a disc sleeve for the Laserdisc.
The disk itself is very plain with just the Hillcrane logo and several standard logos for audio and format.

Thats it for now but check back soon as i might have another update coming in the next few weeks with more more new additions from Prime and Galaxy force.

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  1. would you mind sending me the contents of the cd included with the destaron LD? if you dont mind ripping it that is, i mostly wana have a listen to that audio drama of soundwave and grimlock, allso i got the pioneer release of TFTM ( i belive its an LD tranfer) with dual audio, but its a iso rip sadly.

    1. It will be added to the blog at some point but not just now. Its kl you got the pioneer DVD i uploaded that to BitHQ torrents ages ago glad to hear ppl can still get it.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. i actualy got it as a pack in with FSRL 2010 and FSRL scramble city

  4. speaking of SC do you have any good vhs's of it?. cus i got the old dvd release with very poor collours

  5. i allso found a little somthing named "tellephone transformers" in japanese, i have no idea what it is but i think its a connection to SC any knolage of it?

    1. My friend Kary has decided to share all the japanese transformers dvd images from the private trackers on nyaa including several old sets i uploaded years ago, still a few he needs to do tho including galaxy force and micron but i think he is waiting till someone shares superlink. The best copy of scramble city available is the one on the FSRL dvds at the moment. id like to get the vhs to see if its any better but i doubt it will be as the older vhs bootlegs iv seen have the same colour issues. The telephone transformers is a very 80s thing where if you called in once a week while the show was on to get extra story elements. It appears to have lasted all the way through the G1 story as i have seen mention of it running up to operation combination. Alot of the audio is lost but some can be found on the cybertron laserdisc set and 2010 Laserdisc set bonus CDs from what i can tell from the track list i have. Still on the lookout for those.

  6. i actualy have one of the telephone transformers recordings, i think it was one of your old ones i had backed up, all i know is that it invloved megatron and the combiners (i dont speak much japanese)

    1. i dont have the full cd but heres a zip with the ones i have


  8. Hey walruslaw can you please upload the CD that came with the destron set