Collection Update #8

It's been a couple of months since my last update this is due to moving home and having to get everything set up. I don't have much this time but i do have a few very rare items including the earliest Japanese G1 VHS tapes.

First up is my new backdrop for my collection photos

Main Collection Backdrop
 This is my current storage for my Transformers DVDs which i will be using as a backdrop for new collection updates. This is not all my collection but most of the main items i own. Starting with the bottom 2 rows of western released DVDs and the upper 2 rows mainly consisting of my Japanese sets and animated movie DVDs.

Now that thats out of the way my first new addition is the First Japanese G1 VHS

Fight Super Robotlife Transformers VHS VAP Japan
 This VHS was the only one released in Japan for the first series of Transformers. The tape contains the first 3 episodes of the series edited into one 45 minute episode similar to how the first 3 episodes where released in the UK as "Arrival from Cybertron" and USA as "More than meets the eye". The only difference is each individual episode has a title card for each of the 3 parts of the pilot("The Road to Earth", "Secret of the Ruby Crystals" and "Escape from Earth!"). This tape may be the first of the lost clip shows for transformers in Japan titled "Birth of the Transformers" but there is no way to confirm this assumption

Next up is the first of 2 Supergod Masterforce VHS Tapes from Japan

Takara Video Collection V-04 Japan
Released as part of the Takara Video Collection this tape contains a short 10 minute promo for the Supergod Masterforce series. The promo contains a introduction to the series and characters. This special release comes in a cardboard box with a bonus pin badge of God Ginrai.

The next release in this series is alot more interesting

Takara Video Collection V-10 Japan
The 10th release in the Takara Video collection is alot more interesting. This tape contains the home video release of the Masterforce clipshow "You too use the masterforce" which also includes the added extra promo "Shuta and Grand's Masterforce Super-Secrets".

Next up is another copy of Transformers the movie

Transformers The Movie Recostructed Metrodome UK Press DVD
This is my second copy of this DVD which explains where the other check disks came from. This one however has a sticker on its case with contact info for the advertising company.
The final DVD of the Day is another Transformers Animated promo

Norimono saiky┼Ź DVD Japan
This DVD was a cover mount special a few years back. The Transformers portion of the DVD contains the Transformers Animated episode Elite Guard along with promos for live action movie toys.

The final items today where purchased as a lot on ebay

Collection of production material Micron Legend/Galaxy force
Managed to pick up this collection of production material for both Micron Legend and Galaxy Force. The lot contained design documents, a script and staff only Galaxy Force voucher.

Galaxy Force 3D Modeling Samples
A set of 3D design models for The Galaxy Force series. The set contains models for all primary characters in the series, a character relationship map and planet key descriptions.

Galaxy Force Hand Drawn Designs
A selection of design drawings for Galaxy Convoy, Master Megatron, Starscream and SpeedLeader(Nitro-Covoy)

Transformers Micron Legend 7 Carnival Script
Dialog Script for the Micron Legend episode Carnival signed by the cast of the series. Strangely this script is bound into a booklet instead of seperate sheets like the others i have picked up over the years.

Thats all this time but i will be adding copies of the Galaxy Force design drawings and 3d Model sheets to the blog soon and ill be adding the short masterforce promo to my youtube soon

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