Collection Update #7

This will be my final update to the collection this year containing only a few items. This time i have managed to finish my collection of Japanese Generation 1 and Beast Wars DVD sets plus a brand new item only just released:

First up is another copy of the Transformers The Movie on VHS.

Transformers The Movie Takara Japan
The first release of the movie in Japan on VHS. The tape itself uses the international version of the movie with the scrolling text intro. The only unique part of this version is whenever a major character is introduced his/her name is shown on the screen for a few frames. The audio is in japanese only and before the movie the theatrical trailer is shown.

Next is the final G1 Japanese DVD set i needed.

Transformers The Headmasters Universal Japan
This set is a reissue of the Pioneer DVD sets released in the early 2000's. Originally this set only had 5 DVD's with only the episodes from the series however this time the set comes with a extras disk containing a Dual audio (JAP/ENG) copy of the Rebirth episodes and a collection of commercials from the 2010 series. The funny thing is this disk originally came with the transformers 2010 dvd set in the 2000's but was left off the reissue set from a few years back.

The next item is the final boxset i needed for Japanese Beast Wars

Transformers Beast Wars Returns Universal Japan
This set was released in 2013 and is a reissue of the DVD's released i the early 2000's. There are 7 DVD's for this set and every episode is dual audio apart from the only clip show in the series titled "Where Is the Banana? R". Like the original sets a extra music CD is also included featuing 3 different versions of the song "Megatron Ondo"

Last up is something which is brand new.

Transformers Rescue Bots Season 3 Press Kit
Recently I was able to get a copy of the Press screener DVD for season 3 of transformers Rescue Bots. This press screener contains a DVD of the first 2 episodes of the series and a small press release from Discovery Family with details about the new series and a cast and crew list.

Thats all for this year hopefully next year will be just as good.

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