Collection Update #6

Been a while since I showed off my new additions, the main reason for that was I was waiting for something really special to arrive by surface mail. Got some real rarities this month including several that I never thought I would ever own:

First up is another addition to the Rescue Bots DVD's.

 Transformers Rescue Bots: Mystery Rescue Shout Factory USA
 Another collection of episodes of Rescue Bots From both season one and two. Unfortunately several episodes are still missing from season one to complete a full season set.

Next up is a DVD Rom released for the Star newspaper in the UK

Transformers Age Of Extinction Interactive Preview Disk
A Preview DVD Rom with trailers for the AOE Movie along with a preview episode of Transformers Prime season 3.

That gets all the english stuff out of the way on to the Japanese media

Transformers 2007.8.4 Roadshow Promo DVD
Realeased as a promo in TOHO Theaters in Japan to promote the first live action movie. The disk features trailers and a introduction from Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg.

Now we move on to some of the VHS Tapes I Picked up

Transformers Beast Wars Quiz Encyclopedia

 This is a strange VHS Tape containing a short quiz to identify all the characters from the series. At the end of the tape there are 2 Karaoke tracks for the Series Opening and Ending. I Have already captured a copy of this video which can be found HERE

Transformers Beast Wars Special "Clash! Beast Warriors"
Along with the tape above i got 2 parts of the Beast Wars special Movie. The First tape contains the section  Clash! Beast Warriors which was a clip show covering the first season of Beast Wars in Japan.

Transformers Beast Wars Special "Lio Convoy in Imminent Danger!"

 The second part of the special i got was the main new part of Movie featuring the Beast Wars II cast joining forces with Convoy (Optimus Primal) to defeat Majin Zarak. All the Tapes for the Special contain a Trailer for the movie after the Episode.

Next up is the first of the Items i never though i would own
Transformers The Movie -Apocalypse Be Eternal, Matrix
 This VHS is the inspiration to the most common misconception about the Transformers Movie in Japan. For a long time because of this tape the fandom thought the title of Transformers the movie in Japan was Matrix Forever but as more information came to light this was found to not be the case. The Tape contains the main Trailer for the movie along with openings/commercials for every full season of Transformers Relaesed at the time and finally The Trade Trailer for Transformers the movie. I have created a new capture for this tape which can be found HERE.
 Now back to more modern media
Transformers Music Matrix 30th Anniversary Version
A collection of transformers Opening and Ending videos for Transformers from FSRL all the way to Tansformers Go! This is the second release of Music Matrix however this time several of the earlier series such as Beast Wars II and Neo have had their openings added. Only Transformers Prime is missing videos unfortunately. As a bonus the full Episode of Transformers Zone is included for some reason.

we now move on to the reason there hasn't been an update for a while

Transformers Supergod Masterforce Box 1
Thanks to my friend i was able to complete this series on Japanese DVD. The box contains The first 24 episodes of the series over 4 DVDs. Bonus features include US G1 Commercials, Japanese G1 Commercials for Headmasters/Masterforce and The 5 minute Pilot for Transformers Headmasters Episode 1.
Like the second box the DVD cases feature gorgeous artwork with Hawk and Ginrai on Volume 1 and the Headmaster Jrs on Volume 2.

The next set is another one i never thought i would ever own

Fight! Super Robot Life Transformers Box 1
The First Box set for Transformers G1 in Japan Featuing the first 35 episodes of the series. As a bonus several Commercials are included for FSRL.
like most of the Japanese G1 DVD sets the Disk art is great with each disk featuing a different art style.

The last 2 images contain bootlegs i have downloaded over the years
 Fight! Super Robot Life Transformers Box 2
This is a bootleg downloaded copy of the second box set of FSRL containing the final episodes of the season along with several promo videos which i have added to my youtube channel over the years. If i ever have the chance i would like to replace it with the original but till then im glad i have at least a copy.

Transformers Victory Box 1-2
Like the FSRL box 2 this is a bootleg downloaded copy of the 2 Pioneer DVD sets for Transformers Victory. I was able to get this a long time ago and it features all the episodes of the series along with 5 of the clip shows. Like the FSRL set i would love to replace the bootlegs with real copies but at the price at the moment its not an option.

Thats all i have this time but im always on the lookout for more to add to the collection. If you want any more information about any of the media listed leave a comment and i will get back to you. 

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  1. I've seen that Transformers Box 1 DVD around recently.......luckily I bought mine when they were released about 15 years ago because they aren't as easy to find nowadays, but what's really eluding me are the original laserdisc releases Convoy Box and 2010 Box. The box art is much better. I have the original laserdisc release of The Decepticon Edition (which is Transformers Box 2 on DVD) called the Megatron Box which has a full color graphical box art rather than the boring solid purple the re-release has (the DVD is a dark solid blue). Same goes for the 2010 Box art where the re-release is a boring solid green.

  2. i just got all of FSRLTF the other day, season 1,2,2010,HM, MF 1 and V 1, for arorund a hundread to 140 each, the extras are amazing!