Collection Update #3

Not much new this time just completing a few sets that I wanted to finish covering G1 up to GO!

First up the oldest G1 release in the UK:

Transformers The Original Series Vol 1-3 Sony Wonder UK
The first release of Transformers Season one on DVD in the UK. The 3 volumes are taken from broadcast masters and unlike most releases has the audio has not been remixed. The odd thing about these releases is the episodes are out of order.

Volume One
Fire on the Mountain
War of the Dinobots
The Ultimate Doom 1-3
Volume Two
More than Meets the Eye 1-3
Transport to Oblivion
Roll for it
Divide and Conquer
Volume Three
Fire in the Sky
SOS Dinobots
Countdown to Extinction
Plague of the Insecticons
Heavy Metal War

Next up is another copy of the movie:

Transformers The Movie PSP Metrodome UK
The first release of the movie on the PSP UMD format which is identical to the later release with just the movie and no special features. The funny thing is unlike alot of releases the UMD has the correct audio for Primes Gun.

Moving on to something a bit more recent:

Transformers Animated Vol 5, 8-10 Paramount JAP
After getting all the other volumes just to have the 3 episodes i was missing i decided to just finnish the set by getting the last 4 i needed. One thing to note about all the DVD's is that all the Autobotto family segments are not included.

Volume 5
17 Elite Guard
18 Headmaster, Once Again!
19 Blast-Extinguishing Complete!
20 Wreck-Gar's Rampage
21 Ratings Race!
Volume 8
30 Sari's Secret
31 Sari, Transform!?
32 Megatron's Raid
33 The Tough Dirt Boss 
Volume 9
34 Wasp's Revenge
35 Memento of the Master
36 Sorrowful Life-form
37 The Autobots Became Humans
Volume 10
38 The Virtual Reality Trap
39 Chase the Spaceship
40 Fanzone Goes to the Planet Cybertron
41 Take Off! Optimus Prime
42 The Final Decisive Battle! Suppress Megatron

We now move on to the last Prime disk i needed:

Transformers Prime Dawn of the Beast Shout Factory USA
The final compilation movie for Season 3 of Transformers Prime compiling the first 4 episodes into one 88 minute movie. Unlike all the previous movie releases this one was exclusive to Target in the USA.

Next up is the Possibly the final GO! Disks:

Transformers GO! Samurai Vol 5, Shinobi Vol 4 Takara JAP
While I think there are more releases to go for Samurai, vol 4 is the last volume for Shinobi. The Samurai volume has pretty much just the episode on the disk and videos for other japanese brands. The shinobi volume however has several small promo videos and diorama footage for Transformers along with the episode.

The final addition is one i've been after for a while:

Trasformers 2010 Genon Jap (reissue)
Transformers 2010 is the Japanese release of Transformers G1 season 3 containing 30 episodes over 5 DVD's. This set is a reissue of the disks released in the early 2000's unfortunately the final disk of the older set has been removed so there are no bonuses. The missing disk contained the Japanese Dub of the Rebirth along with the Transformers the Movie Trade Trailer and some commercials. I'd love to get this disk at some point but at the prices the original sets go for i think i'll pass for the moment. 

Thats all i have for just now if you have any questions about any of these releases leave a comment and i'll get back to you.

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