Collection Update

Been away from the blog for a while and in that time i have added several new pieces to my collection. Its been a really good couple of months and i was able to get some really rare items.

The first new addition is:

Transformers: Rescue Bots "ENERGIZE" Shout Factory DVD USA
At the moment i'm getting the Rescue Bots as they come out but if a season set ever happens i'll forget about the individual volumes especially if it's on bluray.
This second volume titled ENERGIZE contains the episodes
Cody on patrol
Walk on the wild side
Christmas in July
Deep trouble
Return of th Dinobot
Bonus Features
Printable Colouring Sheets

Next up is something I bought to complete a set of 4 disks that make up the complete first series of Generation 2 on DVD (Minus the last episode "Prime target")

Transformers: The Original Series Volumes 1-3 Bridge Pictures DVD NED
While not stated on the cover these three dvds plus the one i already have are all Generation 2. The series of DVD's where released by Bridge Pictures and as you can see from the covers they didn't have a clue what they had to release. Each cover sports the artwork used on the box art for Transformers Armada and while it is a Dutch set each DVD has english audio and removable Dutch subtitles.
 From L to R:
Volume 1 Episodes
More than meets the eye pt1
More than meets the eye pt2
More than meets the eye pt3

Volume 2 Episodes
SOS Dinobots
Heavy metal war
The Autobot run

Volume 3 Episodes
The Core
Dinobot Island pt1
Dinobot Island pt2

Next up is the most recent series of Transformers from Japan Transformers GO! Each of these disks are cover mounts for 2 different magazines in Japan with each magazine covering a different protagonist. 
Transformers GO! Samurai vol 1-2 / Shinobi vol 1 Takara/Tomy DVD JAP
So far 4 volumes have been released 2 for each magazine. My copy of the magazine for the most recent release should be shipping next week hopefully. Each volume contains not only Transformers related videos but several for other kids properties which are currently popular in Japan. 
From L to R:
Samurai Volume 1
Samurai Volume 2
Shinobi Volume 1

Next up is three additions to my ever growing collection of Transformers the Movie DVDs/Bluray which hopefully will be the last for a while. 

Transformers The Movie Madman DVD AUS
Madmans first release of the movie on dvd. While not the best release of the movie it does have some unique special features which at the time where only availible on this DVD.
Bonus Features
80's TV Spots
Theatrical Trailer
The Touch film-clip (by Stan Bush)
Creation of the cover art gallery and Artist bios
Character Biographies
Voice-Actor Biographies
Musician Biographies
Autobot and Decepticon Main Menus

Transformers The Movie Pioneer DVD JAP 
The Japanese edition has both English and Japanese audio tracks and uses the International version of the movie (Scrolling starwars text). The strangest thing with this release of the international cut is the lack of Victor Caroli Narration over the wall of text at the start and the fact that he didn't reassure me that "Optimus Prime Will Return."
Bonus Features
Theatrical Trailer

Transformers The Movie Metrodome Bluray UK
This was the first Bluray release of the Transformers Movie. It has no special features but has a higher video bitrate than the Madman release and has a high quality DTS 5.1 audio track which was not on the Madman copy. However even with 2 other audio options 2.0 and 5.1 dolby all 3 have he same issue most copys of the movie have with Primes gun being super quiet when he rushes the Decepticons. I'd stick to the madman copy for it is usually alot cheaper and its a more complete package.

My next item is probably the most expensive one in my collection to date and it completes my collection of full Unique series of Transformers.
Transformers Beast Wars II Super Vision DVD JAP 
All 43 episodes spread over 8 disks. Above is the alternate cover provided with the Neo DVD set which makes it look so much nicer than the kiddy cover it has by default. Included in the set is a full colour booklet with Episode guide, Character bios, song lyrics and a Creator interview.
Bonus Features
Clean Opening
Clean Ending

Last up is a rather unique item that you don't see too often on the open market.A Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Press Kit. Below you will find a gallery of images and a list of contents
Transformers Prime "Beast Hunters" Press Kit The Hub DVD/CD USA 
 The Press Kit comes in a large stone effect envelope with a small blurb on the front and a orange Predacon logo on the back. Lifting the predacon logo opens the envelope. 

Opening the envelope releases the Press kit itself which comes in a carboard sleve with Episode Screener and Predacon logo on one side and contact info and Autobot logo other.

Opening the flap at the top reveals the contents of this kit.

The kit comes with a Episode Screener DVD-R with the episodes
303 "Prey"
304 "Rebellion"
Bonus Features
Transformers Prime S1 & 2 catchup
The episodes have a copywrite label embeded in the video to prevent unauthorised release.

The second disk is surrounded by a cool shot of the cast is a Media information CD-R containing:
8 Publicity photos for the upcoming season
3-page Announcement Document
one sheet for Transformers Prime "Beast Hunters" Document
New Bumblebee Commecial mp4
Transformers Prime S1 & 2 catchup mp4
90 second Season Trailer mp4

Well thats all my new stuff and if you want any information on any of the sets shown let me know and ill see what i can do. I leave you now with a shot of 2 series that really need English Subtitles.

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